I’m gonna live forever

Disclosure: This was a gifted event in return for a review but all opinions and words are my own.

Ahh, I have something super exciting to share with you all – my very first theatre production review! I was kindly invited to watch ‘Fame the Musical’ be performed on Tuesday 27th August at the Bournemouth Pavilion centre, I was extremely excited as ‘Fame’ is a must see movie of mine; and it did not disappoint! The show started promptly on time at 7:30 pm with a dramatic display of flashing lights, high tempo music, and energetic dancers, sporting the famous leg warmers and bright colours that you would expect from a ‘Fame’ performance. I was instantly hooked to the stage as the story began to beautifully play out in front of me. The first 10 minutes or so was a huge song and dance, which was just perfect to set the mood and high expectations of the show. Each character was introduced by song, allowing you to feel instantly more connected with the actors before you.

Fame is a movie that I hold close to my heart, being a stage school child myself, I have always related to the movie in a special way. I remember growing up wanting to be famous with my name up in lights, which resonates with the movie so deeply, especially Carmen Diaz. I was a little bit anxious that the stage production wouldn’t hold up to my high standards of the movie, but my expectations were exceeded. I was taken on a roller coaster of emotions from start to finish; I found myself smiling as I watched the romance story unravel between Serena and Nick, I belly laughed at Joe’s ‘can’t keep it down‘ solo and found myself shedding a few tears during the tribute song to Carmen ‘Bring On Tomorrow‘.

Joe Vegas

I was extremely excited to see Jorgie Porter perform on stage, being an old Hollyoaks fan myself. Jorgie portrayed the role of Iris Kelly beautifully, carrying off the sweet nature but determined attitude of her character so well. Her dancing was spectacular to watch, she was elegant and gracious, leaving me in awe every time she danced on stage. The relationship between Iris and Tyrone Jackson was portrayed so believably, the chemistry that they had on stage whilst dancing was breath taking. You really went on a journey with Iris and Tyrone throughout the performance, witnessing them fall in love through dance and then feel heartbreak when the relationship crumbled before you. Of course every love story has a happy ending and they managed to reconcile their troubles.

Iris Kelly

The entertainment didn’t once stop, you found yourself being transported through the show by one performance after another, witnessing a range of dance styles, vocals, musical skill and real life issues. My favourite part has to be when Miss Sherman (Mica Paris) sang her powerful solo – it gave me goosebumps! I really felt the passion in her voice and hung onto every word that she sang.

The stage set design was well thought out, allowing for swift frequent scene changes. Throughout the performance, you were transported from one scene to another through the use of the large set. I was sad to see that there wasn’t any dancing on Taxi’s (I guess this may have been rather difficult) but Carmen did get spun around on the multistory staircase! I particularly liked the use of the student headshots as the backing of the stage, these remained throughout the performance and were used to highlight certain scenes or songs. During Miss Sherman’s (Mica Paris) solo of ‘these are my children’ they were slowly highlighted with lights one by one, this was a very moving way of making you feel connected to what she was singing. Another way the headshots were used was when the image of Carmen Diaz was brightly highlighted during her tribute song shortly after she overdoses, this made the song much more personal and emotional to me, feeling much more connected to Carmen’s character and almost feeling real.

Miss Sherman and Tyrone Jackson

If you want to be transported back in time and taken on a roller-coaster of feelings and emotions then I would definitely go and see this production. The Bournemouth Pavilion itself is a beautiful place to visit with comfy seating and easy toilet access. Overall I had a brilliant night out with my sister and would quite happily recommend this to anyone to go and see. The last showing is on Saturday 31st August so I would book now to avoid disappointment!

Iris Kelly and Tyrone Jackson

You can pop over and visit the bhlive website for your tickets! If you do happen to stop by then I would love to know what you think of the performance, so be sure to drop a comment below or send me a message via my Instagram!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Lauren x


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