The Rocky Horror Show

Dammit Janet! – I was hooked!! I attended The Rocky Horror Show pretty blinded about what was going to happen. I knew it was a risqué performance – to say the least, with a strong ethos of pushing gender stereotypes and the ‘norms’ of society but I didn’t have much of a clue about the story line to be honest. I was immediately captivated with a beautiful introduction song that allowed you to dip your toe into what was about to unfold before you. A woman dressed in suspenders and a short skirt, singing beautifully on stage, demanding your attention and getting it!

I felt involved from start to finish as Philip Franks – the narrator, did an outstanding job with interacting with the audience, he was receiving obscene banter from left right and centre, but you could tell he was a seasoned pro with his witty responses and hilarious tongue and cheek jokes. He really tied the show together and set the standard of quality performance very early on.

My eyes were opened throughout the first half to a different type of theatre production, where the audience is immersed into the performance, I found myself up and dancing to the famous “Time Warp” song which even I knew as a Rocky Horror Show newbie! We were swaying along with glow sticks at parts and I was excited by the heckling from obvious Rocky Horror regulars. The first half sailed by at lightening speed, which to me is a sign of a good performance! I was devastated to see it was time for an interval as I just didn’t want to turn away.

I absolutely adored watching Brad and Janet’s characters unravel on stage after they meet the iconic Dr Frank-N-Furter – or as we know him as the ‘sweet transvestite’, who was played brilliantly by Stephen Webb. He portrayed an almost villainous like personality with a streak of sexual prowess. He was captivating and confident, he demanded and received your attention every time he was on stage with such ease. I was in awe of his performance from start to finish.

Overall I was mesmerised from start to finish amongst the powerful musical numbers, the raunchy scenes and outright artistic genius of it all! I can truly say I am a converted Rocky Horror Show fan and proud. Now I find myself craving to watch the movie so I can truly appreciate the genius of it’s time. A beautiful piece of art that challenges the ideology of what was and wasn’t accepted and then pushed those boundaries as far as they could go. Though of course, we now we live in a generation of Ru Paul but I can’t help but appreciate the bravery this story line came from and oh wow did it pay off!

The Rocky Horror is being performed in Bournemouth at the Bournemouth Pavilion Centre until Saturday 26th. I would highly recommenced grabbing yourself some tickets while you can for an absolutely amazing night out! I will definitely be going back next year!

Lauren xx

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