Hiya! My name is Lauren, I’m 24 and I am engaged to my best friend and the love my life, Joff.  Joff and I have a beautiful little girl together called Aria.

I am qualified to work with children and young people. I currently work in early years directly with pre-school and I have done so since I was 17. Working with children and travelling was always my passion in life since an early age and I am lucky enough to have achieved both of my dreams. I would never have described myself as ‘career minded’, of course I wanted to do well in my chosen career but my life ambition was to become a mother and this will forever be my greatest achievement.

I wanted to start a blog as to record my life as a mother, connect with others and hopefully relate to you in some way. Its very likely that throughout my blog posts I will also re live my travelling experience with you all and even pop in the odd tip and trick I have picked up since becoming a mother.

I hope you enjoy my blog and coming on my life journey with me!

All the best,

Lauren xx